Friday, March 6, 2009

What has Little Miss Sunshine done!??!!!!

The Hollywood couple in seemingly happier times.

Are those wedding bells we hear?
Possibly. Word is out that Barbados-born pop diva Rihanna and her allegedly abusive beau, R&B singer Chris Brown have tied the knot. The secret wedding is rumored to have taken place at P.Diddy’s private mansion on Star Island, Miami, Florida.
It is reported that Rihanna fans are VERY disappointed in her for making such risky decision, especially since the linking of last month’s assault report with Mr.Brown. Not only are Rihanna fans disappointed and concrned but Hollywood has spoken out as well.

As one site reported, “Singer Whitney Houston told Rihanna to forget about Chris Brown, and to cut all ties. Whitney was reportedly close to tears when she heard about the alleged assault on the ‘Umbrella’ singer, and urged her not to make the same mistakes she did.”

Actress Kerry Washington also spoke out saying, “Whether it’s about the Congo or about celebrities, domestic violence is a social illness that does not discriminate. We have to start talking more openly about this.”

‘Papa’ Jay-Z (as I like to refer to him), was most unimpressed and furious about the whole situation. ”He was reportedly enraged over the abuse allegations and has warned Chris that retribution is one the way,” said entertainment sources.“He hit the roof. Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew,” a source tells Us Weekly Magazine.

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