Thursday, February 26, 2009

IMOGEN COOPER: Supermodel-in-training

Young, up-n-coming fashion model, Imogen Cooper's first interview -by yours truly, Dré DeCarlo-

This under-age bombshell who has been trained with the likes of Ford Model Management (New York) 'is about to break onto the scene and has many prestigious modeling agencies scrambling for this 'supermodel-in-training".

Ms. Cooper JUST 15 years of age- was ecstatic to do her first ever interview. She is honestly one of the nicest, most down-to-earth, inspirational models I have ever come across. There is nothing cliché about this girl. Wouldn't one love to work with such a burst of energy, who totally contradicts the stereotypes of your average fashion model?

She has quite an interesting story, check it out:

Dré: What is your full name?

Imogen: Imogen Alexandra Cooper

Dré: Where did you grow up exactly?

Imogen: Well I’ve grew up many places. My first five years, I was in England then I moved to New York till I was 9 then Barbados. Now I’m back in New York and I moved back here when I was 14.

Dré: So, you were born in England?

Imogen: Yea

Dré: What was your upbringing like?

Imogen: My mom has been really good to me as a single parent. My dad wasn’t there because when I moved from England my dad didn’t come with us because he didn’t want to lose his job being a pilot. So it was just my mom who raised me and my brother and she’s really supporting me in the model industry.

Dré: So you would say that your upbringing has played a major role in developing the kind of person you are today? And why?

Imogen: Yes I do. It has made me understand that not everything is perfect and I have to take responsibility for myself sometimes, someone isn’t always going to be there for you.

Dré: So, you mentioned earlier that your mother has been a stronghold of support for you in your modeling career. When DID it all start?

Imogen: When I first moved to Barbados my mother was working at Almond Beach hotel. Every Thursday night there was a concert for the guests with a Fashion show at the end. She got me a job as a model and I was modeling swimwear for Cave Shepherd ... that where it all began lol. I was also the youngest. My name was "little imz" lol

Dré: Lol. wow… so your mom is definitely the reason for it all. I can now understand why she is such a good source of support. She must be proud that you've come so far.

Imogen: lol yea she is my main supporter. Some people said she knew I was going to be a model when I was born because she called me "Imogen”, which is a very unusual, memorable name lol and "model-like" name.

Dré: Which agency are you currently signed with, if any?

Imogen: well.. I’m not signed with any AS YET! But I’ve had interests like Elite Model Management, Ford Models, Bloom Model Management, JG Model Management and Next Model Management. I’m just looking at my possibilities before I sign. I have to be very careful with my decision since I’m very young.

Dré: How old are you at present?

Imogen: 15 years young lol

Dré: wow, such experience so far for such a young girl.

Imogen: lol yes. I know this is my destiny.

Dré: Has there been any pressure on you so far, being as young as you are in the modeling industry?

Imogen: Yes. My height was an issue but i didn’t let that get to me that much because I know I’m still growing. Last year when I went to Ford I was 5’7. I went back this Christmas and I was 5’8. Today I went to the doctor now I’m 5’8 and 3/4. I know I’m still growing. When I get 5’9 is when Ford will see me again.

Dré: and for those who may not know. Could you tell us whether this is a regular thing for models your age?

Imogen: Well... everyone differs in their height. For example, Austria Ullora is 16 and 5’10.5” and she was that height from 13 and Chanel Iman was 5’9” from the time she was 13 also. Everyone is different.

Dré: What do you think about the strict stipulations within the fashion industry? (height,weight,racism etc.)

Imogen: The industrie likes tall skinny girls (in high fashion) simply because in modeling, it’s mostly about the clothes your selling. Not yourself. They are just hiring u to be a "walking hanger” but you don’t HAVE to be tall and skinny. There are different areas of modeling, like thicker girls for swimwear. so it just all depends on the type of modeling u want pursue. in terms of race , I personally believe its much harder for African American models... but DON'T GIVE UP !!!!

Dré: As a model what is the job you would love to be booked for?

Imogen: Ahhh... EVERY job I’d love be loved to booked for... but my favorite fashion line is rock and republic... their fashion shows seem to be so fun and exciting.

Dré: Ah, okay. So who IS your favorite designer?

Imogen: My favorite designer is Christian Dior ... always with something new, different and hip

Dré: What is the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?

Imogen: A dress by BCBGMAXAZRIA

Dré: Niiiice, and how much was it?

Imogen: $900 us... lol

Dré: wow, so you're a big spender?

Imogen: ...well not really... it’s not about the money to me... its about how it looks.. if i see a nicee bag and its $5 .. i would buy it .. as long as it looks good.=]

Dré: What is your most precious possesion?

Imogen: An emerald ring which was passed down in my family.

Dré: Ok, now we've spoken of expensive and precious possesions.
My question is to you now is, if you were stranded on a desert island who or what would you want with you?

Imogen: hmmmm.. lol that is a very good question.. i would want PLENTY of food .. i loveee to eat !!! and a niceee bed because a good night sleep is important.

Dré: lol...hmm interesting, totally contradicting your average model (who starves and party all night)

Hahahahaha. I’m so different, people often ask me where the food goes?

Dré: If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Imogen: Chanel Iman!!!!! lol This is ironic because two nights ago, I dreamt about having dinner with her… lol wow... but Chanel Iman... she is my idol .. my hero ... she is sooo cool.. and i would love to hang with her any day. I have so much respect for her, she opened the way for alot of young black models.

Dré: Louboutin pumps or strappy Manolos?

Louboutin pumps

Paris or Milan?

Imogen: Paris. I love French.. I actually speak alot of it... I’ve been doing it for 5 yrs

Dré: wow, trs chic

Imogen: lol ouiii

Dré: je parle un petit le francais lol

Imogen: hahahaha

Imogen: je parle un grandd le fancais

Elle or Vogue?

Imogen: Vogue, I love seeing the editorials

Dré: very good choice, the fashion bible lol. So what are your plans after modeling?

Imogen: I would love to host BET's 106 and park lol

Dré: Really? I never would have guessed

Imogen: Yes.. I watch it all the time and I LOVE meeting people and getting to know about them and music is my favorite thing... well besides fashion lol. I think it would b a fun job

Dré: What do you do in your spare time?
Imogen: Since I’m missing home soooo much... I spend most of my time on the computer talking to my friends also i study in my free time.. I’m an honor student at school =]

Dré: wow, very impressive. Beauty and brains.
If you were not pursuing modeling, what would you be pursuing?

News Reporter.. lol or meteorologist

Dré: Now, finally. What advice would you give to younger girls aspiring to be fashion models?

Imogen: IF IT IS YOUR DREAM, PURSUE IT AND NEVERRR EVERRR GIVE UP.. there are alot of ups and downs in the fashion industry .. never let it get you down or change you. Just keep trying and trying until you succeed.

Dré: Thank you so much Ms.Cooper for agreeing to do this interview. It was a pleasure. :D

THANK YOUUUUU !! .. my 1st interview :D .. Thank you Dre. I enjoyed it so much.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Kibekini© shoot coming up this Sunday, 22 February 2009. The new Kibekini© line, Absence of Innocence will be being showcased.

Stay tuned for more info and pics :D

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Up and coming Universal Motown recording artiste Shontelle Layne walking the red carpet at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on February 8, 2009 in Los Angeles.

And look at who she met there, Hal Linton!!! The two Barbadian sensations made their way up the red carpet as they made their debut at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards.
Hal Linton, who is also signed with Universal Motown is in the works, so keep listening out for this smooth sounding soul man.
Shontelle, whose debut single 'T-Shirt' made its way into the hearts of many all around the world with her sweet-sultry voice and its catchy chorus.
Shontelle's new single, 'Stuck With Each Other' ft. Akon, is currently on CHUM-FM's, (a famous Canadian radio station), “New Music Survey” on their website for visitors to vote, to see if they like Shontelle’s new song ‘Stuck with each Other’ featuring Akon. So you must vote! no matter what country you may be in - just VOTE and support Shontelle, so it can get more plays in Canada.

I wanna wish both Shontelle and Hal all the blessings and to remember that Barbados got y'all back. Go on, and do y'all thing!! Nuff respect!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Local Barbadian bombshell and rising music star, Ayana John has been featured on as a rising diva on fashion advice. This hidden jewel may be unknown to the international arena, however, most if not all bajans will definitely know this local sensation claimed to fame by such songs as Guns 'n' Roses and Paperchaser.

Here's a little sample of what was written,

"...Not only is the weather great and the people amazing, but Barbados is also the home of trendsetting pop stars Rihanna and Shontelle. And I have hunch it's also home of the next big thing: singer Ayana John. I saw the emerging star--a model-y looking 22 year-old who has been singing since 2004--perform at the Barbados Music Awards, where she blew the crowds away with her insane voice and sexy style: Ayana took to the stage wearing a slinky black top, black sequin mini skirt and high heels. (And---I'm not getting all pervy here I swear...."

For more on this article, please visit

GO AYANA!! You're well off to a good start.

Rihanna..Chris Brown...FIGHT?!!!!??

R&B singer Chris Brown has been arrested on a battery charge. There is a lot of talk about the “unknown female” that was violently assaulted. It has been speculated that the "unknown female" is Rihanna. However, this is how I heard it all went down.

Both artists were scheduled to perform at the 51st Grammy Awards. They both attended the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party where Whitney Houston was set to make her come back performance. Then they leave together in their limo, where it allegedly happened. Some blogs report Rihanna was seen bruised. I don't want to assume anything, HOWEVER, who would be in the limo other than Rihanna? Why would he beat up a random woman? If it wasn’t Rihanna, why didn’t she show up at the Grammy’s where she was set to perform with U2? And, why would they say Rihanna was not in "GOOD ENOUGH SHAPE" to attend.

Now, we all know that because of this event, Brown's career is pretty much O-V-E-R!!! (at least i hope so) Especially, if in fact it IS Rihanna (our little miss sunshine), then he has DEFINITELY lost some fan base and respect from the ENTIRE music and entertainment industry.

Now, I'm just waiting to see what Papa Jay-Z is gonna do?!? Arn't you?