Monday, February 9, 2009


Local Barbadian bombshell and rising music star, Ayana John has been featured on as a rising diva on fashion advice. This hidden jewel may be unknown to the international arena, however, most if not all bajans will definitely know this local sensation claimed to fame by such songs as Guns 'n' Roses and Paperchaser.

Here's a little sample of what was written,

"...Not only is the weather great and the people amazing, but Barbados is also the home of trendsetting pop stars Rihanna and Shontelle. And I have hunch it's also home of the next big thing: singer Ayana John. I saw the emerging star--a model-y looking 22 year-old who has been singing since 2004--perform at the Barbados Music Awards, where she blew the crowds away with her insane voice and sexy style: Ayana took to the stage wearing a slinky black top, black sequin mini skirt and high heels. (And---I'm not getting all pervy here I swear...."

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GO AYANA!! You're well off to a good start.

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