Thursday, March 26, 2009


The global economic crisis has affected the fashion industry in more ways than one. However, has always found some way around it to keep everything running glamorously.

While, all the fashion followers and 'zombies' were busy trying to think of outfits for the next social or cocktail party, plans for relocating New York Fashion Week to a smaller and much more affordable location were being put in place.

The proposed location is the Lincoln Centre starting 2010 sources told the Associated Press and New York Times.

Fashion sites state that "the Lincoln Center sounds like a pretty hideous venue for fashion shows" and an article in the Times said that:

" ...tents on opposite sides of the New York State Theater with a winding corridor between would require guests to walk the equivalent of a city block between shows. ...Even on paper, the layout is cramped, weirdly shaped, lacking closet space and hardly conducive to an ambience of luxury. "

It was also reported that Wintour said a relocation to Lincoln Center would signal the fashion industry wasn't being "taken seriously," and that "nothing else is as good" as Bryant Park.

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