Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All worried VOGUE readers!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry fashion followers, Anna Wintour's publicist has rsponded to rumors of the replacement of the legendary editor-in-chief, stating that it is a total and complete fabricated LIE!!!! (yes yes, i know that it's also possible that HE himself could possibly not be telling the truth..however we have to take his word for it).

Carine Roitfeld (French VOGUE editor-in-chief) and Aliona Doletskaya (russian VOGUE editor-in-chief) were stated as Wintour's possible successors.

Anyways, I think Wintour has TOTALLY revolutionized the VOGUE and has made significant contributions to fashion on a global scale. Anna Wintour is a living legend and fashion icon, and we don't have many of those walking around. I just hope one day to be privileged enough to be in her presence.

For more info on the Anna Wintour 'rumor' please go to


Thanks peoples ;)

Yours fashionably,
Dre DeCarlo.

--This month's Dre DeCarlo quote, "Beauty should not be based upon the standards of perfection but how one utilizes their flaws". You guys think about that LONG and hard...ponder ponder

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